Ballroom Dancing

How To De-stress With Ballroom Dancing


How to de-stress with Ballroom Dancing

Ask anybody who started to dance later in life and they will all tell you that they wish they would have taken dancing lessons and started dancing earlier.  It’s no wonder people say that because doctors and psychologists will all tell you that dancing is one of the best things you can do if you’re under a lot of stress.

Here’s  a list, in no particular order, of some of the ways dancing lessons can reduce stress:

  1. Practice as much as you can at home.  Play some of your favorite music loudly. It will help get your mind off of whatever has been bothering you.  And it might help you meet some new neighbors with similar tastes.
  2. If you’re home and in private….dance naked.  It’ll make you feel better about yourself.  Later, in your private lesson with your teacher, he or she will wonder why you seem more confident but you’ll know it’s because you’re imagining yourself dancing with him/her completely butt naked. Lighten up! I’m joking! Just seeing if you’re paying attention.
  3. Take advantage of digital devices like your iPhone or other types of internet enabled smart devices to listen to music on,, or other similar streaming music services.  It will keep your mind off negative vibes.
  4. Lots of classical music are danceable too and clinical tests have shown that classical music actually does reduce stress. Even people who claim to not like classical music say it does if done in moderation.
  5. If you like to exercise, do it to music.  You’ll also be able to increase the amount of exercise you do because your mind will tend to focus on the music rather than the exercise.  As you work the tension out of your body, your stress level will also go down significantly.  Music is Powerful!
  6. Go out dancing at least once during the week.  You will find it helps break the monotony of the week….not only for the physical activity you get but most good dancers you meet are serious about their dancing and you will usually learn a lot by dancing with them as well as make new friends.
  7. Take classes in dance that are completely new to you.  It will expand your consciousness outside your own personal problems.
  8. Offer to teach some of your friends what you are learning.  You will find that many of them have been wanting to learn to dance for a long time but didn’t know where to go or the timing just wasn’t right.
  9. Find and read as many biographies about famous dancers, of any kind, as you can.  You will find comfort in discovering that many of them have solved problems much like yours.
  10. As your confidence improves through your new found dancing ability, you might find that people come to you for advice.  They want to know what your ‘happy pill’ is. Tell them it’s dancing and it’s amazing!

Now you’ve got a few tips on reducing stress though ballroom dance.  But the same tips apply to any other kind of dancing too.  Surveys prove that a lot more people want to learn how to dance but never do.  If you’re one of the lucky people who are learning how to dance, it will for sure make you a happier and healthier person in the long run of Dancing.




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