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Free Give-A-Way Fouth Of July Membership


                                                      Free Give-A-Way : JULY 4th ONLY -

For the first 20 signups One

Free Month: VIP Membership


During the Fourth Of July we offered a Free VIP Membership to the first 20 signups! That offer was a VIP Membership giving them access to our studios platform, special pricing and all that went with the VIP Membership offer. This offer was for a limited time only and for the first 20 signups only. We no longer offer this and since our platform has been updated. We will soon be offering our Free Mobile App version so stay tuned. Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive early-bird access to this and other offers.

How To

1- Free Give-A-Way

You will need to create a login when you register. This login will give you access to the platform

2- Free Give-A-Way

3- Free Give-A-Way

Followed by 1,2, 3 to get to the memberships sections.

4- Free Give-A-Way

Check agree and make purchase to complete the steps.

5- Free Give-A-Way

The last step to redeem your free give-a-way is to enter the promo code and click check out and your done.

Most promo codes can be entered the same way to redeem them. When you receive a promo code just remember you can enter the code in a box just like this just before checkout.



Certified professional dance instructor/choreographer living in Newport News, VA Commutes to Richmond for over 15 years to teach. I enjoy helping people discover the power of dance in their lives. Regardless of your ability remember this, "anyone can learn to dance," and here's why you should say "Never": It can transform your life in ways you never thought possible. Introduce you to people you'd never meet and shape your confidence like never before.

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