No More Standing Around At Parties

Do You Find Yourself Standing Around At Parties?

Let us show you how you can be on the floor by your next evening out and stop standing around at parties

standing around at parties

Standing around at parties is one of the top complaints we hear most often.

Well I'm here to show you how you can stop it by your next evening out.

There are many reasons people learn to dance. To list a few: self confidence, self-expression, awkward at social events, difficulty starting or holding conversations, attracting the opposite sex or just to meet business or social obligations. These come from a list of the top 20 reasons why people learn to dance. Naturally "to learn" is what we all convince our selves of when we first come in, but later find our motives are often a lot deeper than we realize. No matter what social, emotional or commitments we have, dance can transform your life in many ways then one can imagine. So if you're ready for a transformational boost in your life and tired of standing around at parties then what are you waiting for…register today!


Certified professional dance instructor/choreographer living in Newport News, VA Commutes to Richmond for over 15 years to teach. I enjoy helping people discover the power of dance in their lives. Regardless of your ability remember this, "anyone can learn to dance," and here's why you should say "Never": It can transform your life in ways you never thought possible. Introduce you to people you'd never meet and shape your confidence like never before.

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