Ballroom Dancing

Simple Ballroom Dancing Tips For Couples

Simple Tips For Couples Learning to Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Tips For Dancing?

These tips should make your first dancing experience a little less frightening with the humor of a little video.


Good Dancing Habits To Have


It is always good to develope good habits while learning anything. Here are some good habits everyone should have.

The Easy Way To Start Ballroom Dancing

Well there’s usually an easy way and hard way to do just about anything. We hope you’ll choose the easy way to learning to dance dance.


Certified professional dance instructor/choreographer living in Newport News, VA Commutes to Richmond for over 15 years to teach. I enjoy helping people discover the power of dance in their lives. Regardless of your ability remember this, "anyone can learn to dance," and here's why you should say "Never": It can transform your life in ways you never thought possible. Introduce you to people you'd never meet and shape your confidence like never before.

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