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Our class schedule


Option #1

Beginner Salsa 1-on-1

3:00 – 3:45Ashton

Included In Bundle!

All: 6 Basic Patterns + Free CD for online orders


Included in either option

Latin Variations Class

3:45- 4:30Ashton

Included In Bundle!

Bachata, CC, Ru, Mer, Samba

Option #2

Salsa Rueda

4:30 – 5:15Ashton

Included In Bundle!

Recommended for Intermediate and above

Salsa 1-on-1
know 6 Basic Movements well first!





Classes and times are subject to change.


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About classes

What a Beginner should know before moving onto Intermediate :

The following are the bare minimum some one should know well to enjoy dancing Salsa. Only know 1 or 2 isn't enough just like only knowing the signs in a drivers manual or taking the written test isn't enough and doesn't constitute "Driving". You don't have to know anything fancy to dance but this you should know really-really well (like the back of your hand). Especially Leaders!

  1. Basic Triples – in place, and moving fwd / back
  2. Rock to 1st position – for neutral moves
  3. Rock to 2nd position – for turning moves
  4. Rock to 4th position – for momentous moves and most turns.
  5. Under Arm Turning [Ladies] {Men if time permits}
  6. Cross Body Leads


We cover more depending on the group. Also simple easy exercises are given every week. Those who skip them are generally left confused as towards the end of the session it's a lot to try to go back and cover. So attendance is 90% of the work. The rest we can assure you will learn.

Are Drop-ins Allowed?

Yes! We accept drop ins but you will learn what is scheduled for that day in the progression of things. Everyone else shouldn't falling behind to catch you up thought so be considerate.

If you've never danced before or this is your first time dancing Salsa and you don't dance often then "Drop-In's" isn't what we would recommend.

Drop-in classes are to brush up or refresh but [emphasis]not to start with[/emphasis]. If you choose to drop-in, we will assume you have covered the material before and looking to brush up. As you can see there is good material to cover in just 4 classes.

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class schedule



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