Day of Dance

Richmond: The Dance Space “Day of Dance!”

The Dance Space “Day of Dance!”


“Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women,

but it doesn’t have to be. Many deaths could be prevented.”



This year Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Richmond, Virginia is offering a fun way to a healthy

heart; a Day of Dance. This year Day of Dance is trying something new… this Saturday Feb 25th their

not trying to sharpen your dance skills… the goal? To get your heart pumping. 


On average one hour of dance is like running three miles and you can burn about 400-600 calories.

However check your health condition before attempting this by asking your doctor especially if you

easily experience shortness of breath with little exhersion like climbing a few stairs. Before you join

any clubs for fitness or dance for that matter go and get screened for heart disease.


TIP! If you spend a great deal of time on getting your body in shape, but don’t eat correctly, then you can not really call yourself fit. A great deal of the fitness problems that exist are not visible, such as diabetes and heart disease.

25 locations across the Richmond area will open their doors on

Saturday, February 25 for HCA Virginia’s Day of Dance.

Starting  10AM to 2 PM

  • Discover how much fun dance can be
  • How it can help your overall health.
  • Nurses and physicians will staff each location
  • Offering free blood pressure and glucose screenings.
  • They’ll also measure your body mass index and explain what your numbers mean to you.


So bring your waters and even some green tea.  Studies have shown that green tea has properties

that boost your metabolism. Other benefits of drinking green tea include lowering your risk of heart

disease and it may even have anti-cancer properties to boot. It is a simple and cost effective way to

improve your diet.  Not to mention people who use dance for exercise are more likely to stick with

the program!

Upcoming Day of Dance line-up


10:00    Bill – Cha Cha (25 minutes)

10:30    Jenika – Zumba (25 minutes)

11:00    Phyllis – Argentine Tango (25 minutes)

11:30    Clara – Salsa (25 minutes)

12:00    Mike – Foxtrot (25 minutes)

12:30    Kathryn – Class/lecture on benefits of wellness through dance. (15 minutes)

12:45    Elisabeth – Janine Performance (15 minutes)

1:00      Ruth – Line Dance (25 minutes)

1:30      Ashton – Latin Variations (25 minutes)

1:50     Ashton & Group Performing a Salsa Rueda Dance!



Certified professional dance instructor/choreographer living in Newport News, VA Commutes to Richmond for over 15 years to teach. I enjoy helping people discover the power of dance in their lives. Regardless of your ability remember this, "anyone can learn to dance," and here's why you should say "Never": It can transform your life in ways you never thought possible. Introduce you to people you'd never meet and shape your confidence like never before.

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