5 Car Experts, You Need to Follow On Twitter

If you love learning about cars, i.e. updates about the latest cars, when they will be launched, and what features they have, then Twitter is the best platform for you. It contains millions of users twitting every minute. The only problem is, there is a lot of traffic here on this platform, that’s why sometimes it might become difficult for you to filter out whom you should follow.

However, there are some accounts out there on Twitter that always grab more followers and attention than any other account so to save your energy and time you must go for these accounts, so that you may get accurate information on the topics you are interested in.

Here is the list of some must-follow accounts on Twitter if you love motor cars.


He has more than 7.5 million followers on Twitter. He also has served as a gear presenter. Furthermore, he is a person who is discussing everything about the motors on his feed. He always used to share such fascinating information that every time all his tweets got thousands of likes. On his account he teaches, he discusses his life, and he uploads information about the latest upcoming motor cars. So, if you are a motor car lover, you should follow him.


He has more than 85.9 K followers on Twitter. This account is run by Richard Porter. He also has published an online motoring satire magazine, in 2001. His account delivers information about motor cars, but he has not had a very serious method of delivering information. Therefore, people love to follow him. It is also said that if you want to have a humorous outlook on the motoring industry, then you need to follow him.


He has about 4 million followers.  If you are not following him, then you are surely missing out on something. He is one of the liveliest personalities out there on Twitter. He is running an account which is serving both information and comedy. Furthermore, he runs a show named “Comedians in cars getting coffee” on Twitter, which is free to watch. In his show, he used to pick a car and invite a guest to this show. They go on a drive and show keeping going with a chat and lots of laughs. So, if you need to learn about motors in a fun way, then you need to follow him.


He has 12.5 K followers. He is hosting a show of Esquire’s “Car matchmaker”. On his account, you can learn about the features of the various cars. He also uses his expertise to make it easy for a buyer to buy a car that will be suitable for him. If you have a business of buying and selling cars, then this account can surely help you.



He has about 3 K followers. He used to travel all across the country and keep his followers updated about travel trips and the latest cars. So, if you are a motor car lover, you must follow these car Twitter accounts.