Ceramic coating: Benefits and Disadvantages

Ceramic coating is a term that is common among people who buy and sell cars. Some car owners take their vehicles for ceramic coating even before the car is delivered. This shows the immense advantage of ceramic coating. A liquid polymer is included in the ceramic coating substance, which makes it very clear and glossy. Applying a coating of ceramic causes the body of the car to form a chemical bonding with the paint of the factory. The coating is so strong that it can only be removed by using the technique of abrasion. No other chemicals work in the same manner. Moreover, if the coating is done professionally, it can last on your car for years and years. Keep reading this article to make up your mind about the best ceramic coating brand.


If you want a good shield of protection on your car, there is no other way to achieve it than by using ceramic because it offers the best protection. Your car will be protected from major and minor scratches by applying nano-coating. Even dirt and daily exposure to pollution and chemicals can ruin your car’s surface. In this case, a ceramic coating is best, as it doesn’t have any harmful effects on the original body of the car.

Moreover, if we compare ceramic coating with regular paints, ceramic coating lasts a lifetime. This is because the coating gets strongly bonded with the body of the car. The protection won’t go anywhere even when the car undergoes vibrations and shocks.

Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning the car, a ceramic coated car is very easy to clean as compared to a car that is covered with regular paint. Because the ceramic coating makes the car’s body smooth, so the cleaning process is painless. Hence, dirt doesn’t even want to stick on the smooth surface of the car. Even if you see dirt on your car, a gentle wipe with a cloth will make your car look new.

If we talk about the shine, waxing was used in the past to give a glossy look to the cars. But it never lasted long, as waxing wears off quickly. On the other hand, cars that have a ceramic coating get a better finish with a long life.

This also means that ceramic coating is cost-effective, as it doesn’t need to be renewed repeatedly.


However, with the advantages, we also have some disadvantages of ceramic coating. The price of an average ceramic coating is pretty expensive. Moreover, the process of the ceramic coating takes much time. If you plan to get your car ceramic coated, you should find 3-5 free days, as the process takes time.

In addition, one should make sure that the coating is done by professionals, as if not, the finishing won’t work out, and it will make your car look ugly.

Everything has its pros and cons, but again ceramic coating is the best option available in the market. Everyone loves smooth and shiny cars, so this is worth it as it will last an entire life. Find well-reputed shops that offer ceramic coating services and wait for the best results.