Do I Need an Anti-Theft Purse?

Are you worried about the safety of your valuables? Have you ever been a victim of pick-pocketing? Then it is high time you upgraded to an anti-theft purse. This kind of purse is the simplest way tech-savvy women from all walks of life use to keep their valuables safe wherever they go.

How are Anti-theft Purses Different from Other Purses?

Anti-theft purses come with unique features and military grade technology to make it hard for thieves to steal from you. The unique features in these purses are able to protect your valuables be it your passport, credit cards or medication. They are designed to protect you from common strategies that thieves use to steal from people.

What are the Common Ways Thieves Steal Purses?

Thieves steal purses by:

1. Pickpocketing a purse that has been left unzipped.
2. Slashing through the purse fabric to retrieve valuables
3. Using radio frequencies (RFID) to scan your credit card details and using these details to buy stuff without your knowledge.
4. Slashing through the purse straps and making away with the purse and all your valuables.
5. Stealthily unzipping your purse and retrieving valuables without your knowledge.
6. Stealthily stealing easy to retrieve items when you leave your purse unzipped.

What are the Benefits of an Anti-theft Purse?

An anti-theft purse comes with a full range of benefits to the owner. Here are 6 reasons to get an anti-theft purse right now.

1. Cut-resistant Body

While other purses come with a cut resistant of level 2, anti-theft purses come with a cut resistant of level 5. Their body is made of a slash-resistant material to make it harder for thieves to cut through with a sharp tool like a knife. Some purses also come with a tough steel mesh in between layers of fabric to make cutting through even harder.

2. RFID Blocking

A purse with RFID blocking will stop thieves who intend to use RFID readers to get the details of your passport or credit cards. An RFID protected purse is especially important if your plan to travel. It would be awful to lose your money or have your identity used to commit crimes when you are away from home, wouldn’t it?

3. Cut-resistant Strap

Ordinary purses make it all too easy for thieves to cut through shoulder straps and get away with them. Anti-theft purses come with slash-resistant strap inlaid with steel cables or steel chains between the fabric to make it hard for a thief to slash through. With this kind of purse, you will never have to look over your shoulder again.

4. Locking Straps

Do you sometimes wish there was a way you could just take the purse off your shoulder, attach it securely to a sturdy object and just relax? Well, with an anti-theft purse you can do that with minimum worries. They come with locking straps that allow you to safely and securely attach your purse to chairs without having to worry that someone will take it and run with it.

5. Locking Zippers

If you are worried about a thief stealthily unzipping your purse and emptying your valuables without your knowledge, then anti-theft purses have got your covered. They come with locking clips that clip your zippers together and make it impossible for someone to unzip your purse while you go about your business.

6. Hidden compartments

Everyone forgets to take important security measures once in a while, and you may find that you sometimes forget and leave your purse unzipped long enough to attract the attention of pickpocketers. Anti-theft purses have hidden compartments within such that even if your purse remains unzipped for longer than necessary, any thief will find it hard to get to your valuables quickly and will perhaps give up and move on to their next target. These hidden compartments also make it easy for you to organize your valuables in a way that make them easy to retrieve quickly whenever you need them. This way, you only leave your purse unzipped for a short time.

Ready to Upgrade to an Anti-theft Purse? 

Now that you know why you need an anti-theft purse, what are you going to do? You can start with being smart about the kind of purse you buy the next time you go shopping. While most ordinary purses are cheap, they present a full range of challenges for you. You could lose what you value most in a single second. So be smart and choose something that keeps your valuables safe when the unexpected happens.