How Do I Find the Best Price of a New Car?

So, you have finalized on the car model, make and year of your dream car. Next on your task will be to peruse for the best price available. Thanks to online marketing platforms, magazines and other forms of technology, you find that the price of your desired vehicle fluctuates like the attitude of a hormonal teenager. To make it worse, each come with some attached conditions that completely put you off. So, what do you do? Relax and read these tips that Carzing has compiled for you.

Cash only please

This might seem a pretty obvious tip but only purchase a car that you can pay for with cash. Most dealerships will offer you a financing option for that new car and it would be so tempting. Don’t take it. Better you opt for a used car. Consider the fact you are paying interest on an asset that will immediately start depreciating the moment the tires hit the tarmac. If you should get financing for your car, consider getting pre-approved.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

Always have a second choice. Look into other options that will give you the same utility. Dealers are like sharks. When you are too focused on the first choice, they smell the blood in the water and come in for the kill. The kill being your wallet. Having multiple choices allows for you to behave rationally and be objective. Thus, lower prices. 

Timing is Everything

Dealerships are businesses like any other, involved in the selling of goods. There are end of month, quarter or year quotas that need to be met. This gives you an idea of when to stroll into the car lot and take the bull by the horns. The end of the year or the beginning of the next is also a good time since dealers would be interested in off loading last year’s models.

Plain old negotiation

Sometimes finding the best price for your new car requires you put in some work through hard hassling. As the purchaser, you are aware of your upper limit or the specific conditions you would want to obtain. One thing that car buyers forget is that they hold a little bit of power. Car dealers are in business and would want to secure that transaction. And if the negotiation takes a turn for the worse, why don’t you try and walk out? The dealer might just run after you with an even better deal.

Read the fine print

After agreeing on the sale price for the car, you will need to go and sign a few documents in the dealer’s office. Here’s where you need to be on your guard. You would not want to append your signature to any additional aftermarket purchases, extended warranty or add-ons. Take your time to read through the documentation and ask all the questions on issues you suspect are not adding up. After all, why the rush? You are paying for it.