How Much Does it Cost to Remove Insulation from an Attic?

Insulating the attic is very important for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes it is worth considering a change in the kind of insulation on it to enhance heat retention. When you think of changing it, the best practice is to remove the existing insulating material. The cost here comes hand in hand. As a result, this article is trying to establish the approximate cost of attic insulation removal.

Ways of Removing the Attic Insulation You can consider two ways of removing the insulation. To start with, you can decide to remove the insulation on yourself.

Secondly, you can approach somebody or hire an expert who will do the work for you on a certain rate. It all depends on the approach that you find convenient for you. Each approach taken in attic insulation removal comes with a different cost. It all depends on the person hired and the activities involved.

The Procedure of Attic Insulation Removal For us to establish the cost of the insulation removal process, we should first be aware of the kind of activities that shall be involved in the whole procedure. The main activities include spreading a cover on everything to avoid dust messing up with the house, the actual removal activity and the disposal of the insulation material. All these activities set in and have to be considered in the process of removing the insulation as they must be done.

Cost Determinants There are several things that will determine the cost of removing the old insulation material from your attic. Since the job requires an extra hand, you might consider hiring assistants, and this might cost you between $200 and $700. Still, you need to get the right gear for the task that will cost several hundreds of dollars. Things like paper masks, gloves and goggles are essential. The average cost when doing it yourself ranges between $1,300 and $4000 depending on the insulation material to be removed and the size. It is worth noting that all the aspects of the removal process mentioned above contribute to the final value of insulation removal.

Hiring an Expert for the Removal If you find the work too cumbersome for you, you might consider option two that involves hiring an expert to do the removal. On average, most of the specialists in this task will charge you between $1 and $2 per square feet. If you have to get the exact cost of the removal, think about the size of your attic and multiply the number of square feet with $1 to get the lower scale cost. Then multiply the square feet with $2 to get the cost on a higher scale.

After doing this, at least you will be assured of the cost you are going to incur in doing away with the attic insulation. However, you should approach several experts who do the insulation removal and compare their removal rates, Settle not only for the cheapest one but for the one who has a good quality track record in the job.