How to Retain Your Instagram Followers?

What does it cost to acquire friends on Instagram? This may appear to be a more rhetorical question but the truth is that most of us have been struggling to get more friends on the social media especially on Instagram. Now the biggest challenge that most of us don’t know is how to manage them. So in this article, you will be able to identify ways in which you are able to manage your targeted Instagram followers.

Promote your special hashtags

Many people create hashtags and fail to get more followers to like it. This is because no one knows about them. For instance, you may crate #instagram123. If you do not cross-promote this hashtag, no one will ever know about it. So if you must retain all your followers, then you can make prints of that hashtags either on your t-shirts or signpost to your business. If you get an opportunity to go live, then ask others to follow you on Instagram, link other social media platform to your Instagram account. This will make it easier for you to manage your followers

Get rid of tagged pictures and videos on your profile that you do not want

At times, people can always tag you in photos you don’t like. This pictures may also not impress your followers. The fast is that you may not be able to remove these photos permanently but you can choose to hide them from your timeline. This will ensure you only have high-quality content in your account. Thus all your followers will always be InTouch with your posts.

Control what gets into your account

Some people can always make fun of you in the social media. Let’s say your Instagram account is for business purpose and your competitor is determined to bring you down, they can pay someone to drop a negative comment or pictures in your account. This can make you lose your targeted Instagram followers. So to avoid this, you need to set approve tagged photos of you before they appear in the public

Take part in popular conversations

Most online community conversations make it easy for you to get the anticipated followers. If you choose to deliver some posts, you can always choose hashtags that are trending. This gives a link between you and your followers and they will know that you are at the top and care about the ongoing activities. This will help you retain most of the hem

Check for the influencers

Your account can never be active without some influencer. This is people who have an influence on what people post online. For instance, you just discover that your competitor is up on the ladder because of a specific person, your task is to check on their profile and then turn on notification from posts coming from this people. By interacting with them, you will be their favorite which may help you retain your followers

Improve your biography

Whether you are controlling a personal account or a business Instagram account, biography tends to be very important. Your follower really needs to know who you are and what you have to offer them. By having some updated on the biography page. Make links that create graphics as to your page as people seek to know much about you.