Is It Possible to Straighten Teeth Without Wire Braces?

No one can deny the fact that teeth play a very important and pivotal role in our overall digestive system. In fact, the digestion system starts from the teeth as soon as the food enters the mouth. Here, the teeth play the role of masticating the food with the saliva before passing the food on to the esophagus. Other than this, the teeth are usually the first thing a person notices when meeting someone. Hence, the teeth should be straight, white and clean so that they look presentable and give a good vibe and image. Crooked teeth are a huge turn off for anyone and in order to fix them, a person can revert to a number of different options including the orthodontics inconspicuous treatment Orthodontics inconspicuous ( จัดฟันแบบใส ราคา).

How to treat crooked teeth?

In order to treat the crooked teeth, it is very important that first of all, the patient should visit the dentist and then, after the prescribed treatment, should opt for the different options available. Straightening and fixing the teeth can be painless and easy to follow process, even a surgery is not required. The minimum treatment for such an issue is the wire braces. Wire braces, however, can be slightly inconvenient depending upon the situation of the patient. Usually, wire braces are not preferred by the patients since they limit the use of the teeth and also with the braces, the patients become very conscious of how they look.

Straightening the teeth without wire braces

Having said that, it is definitely possible to get the required treatment done without the use of wire braces. For this, it is recommended that the retainers or aligners be used. The latest addition to this set is that of the invisible aligners. The invisible aligners not only perform the function of the braces and the retainers but also look good on the person wearing them. As the name suggests, “invisible” aligners are transparent and hence the person using them can wear them without being conscious of how they look. This is because these aligners are not visible especially for the people looking from afar. Invisible aligners are known to be especially effective in treating the teeth in terms of their shape, size and form. Other than this, they restrict and limit the teeth from getting plagued by plaque. This way the teeth get protected and also get fixed quickly and efficiently.

Special feature of the aligners

The best thing about the aligners is that unlike the wire braces, the aligners are very easy to handle and are also very convenient. In case someone does not wish to put on the aligners, he or she can simply take then off and put them away temporarily since they are not directly fixed with the teeth. This particular feature makes the aligners especially popular. Hence, the overall experience of wearing the invisible aligners becomes very beneficial, convenient as well as user friendly. The aligners are comparatively inexpensive and may cost around the price range of $34.99 to $59.99 depending upon their overall quality.