Is It Too Late to Start Your Own Travel Blog Now?

Hey! It is already year 2019 and for the last five years, you have been making it a part of your new year’s resolution to start a travel or luxury blog – which you haven’t up until now.

Sure. You’ve been strolling everywhere while checking off that travel bucket list. You hope that one day your readers will get to experience what it is like to be in those crowds and places. Yet, you kept it all to yourself thinking that other bloggers have already posted such already.

Now, you’re asking, is there still a room for you on the Internet? Is it too late to start your own travel blog now?

Well, you are in luck; the Web does not really run out of space for you. In fact, statistics show that there are still 380 new websites created every minute!

So before you jump out to ride to wave, here are some points to ponder before you start blogging.

Blogging and Travelling

Travel blogs never get out of style. People from various walks of life continue to consult this category for both information and entertainment.

Basically, a blog is a category of a website which primarily focuses, however not limited, to written content. Your blog can be customized in an almost unlimited possibility; while your blog post may also contain various media aside from text, such as: pictures, videos, among others.

These features enable blogging to be one of the best vehicles to convey travel experiences. Interestingly, many lose themselves reading travel blogs as it allows them to imagine and feel the journey themselves.

Contrary to common perspective, travel blog posts referring to the same travel destination do not have the same content. People are created uniquely in their own way. Surely, they perceive the world differently from another.

So, do you.

Starting a Travel Blog

Trust me. You do not really have to be a published writer or a seasoned photographer to be a good blogger. Such skills will follow suit as you continue in your blogging journey.

Blogging is a process.

The only thing you need to possess in starting a blog is a fervent desire to let your voice be known all throughout the world. This motivation will give you a new perspective to learn, explore, and discover new things.

The first few weeks is not going to be easy. Hence, you really must dedicate your time to continuously update your blog. It’s an investment after-all.

Planning is the start. Routine is the key.


Monetizing your Travel Blog

Many have been said and done regarding how to make money out of your travel blog.

Sure, you can do have that in the long run, and I tell you, a travel blog is a good start. However, let it be known that there are 200 Million blog posts being posted daily.

What will separate your blog from the million others? That will make people specifically come to your site and read your articles?

The answer is your content – the uniqueness of your content which can only be derived from your own passion.

Check out this video on how to become a travel influencer.

With this, it is never too late to start your own travel or luxury blog now. Do not worry about what has already been said, but instead, enjoy your travel and the blogging process.