What Does the Henna Brow Process Involve?

Eyebrow filling gives people a bolder and striking look. These days there are many treatments available for eyebrow tinting. From semi-permanent procedures like microblading and feathering to temporary options like tinting and brow tattooing, there are many options to think about and choose from.

The healthiest treatment of all these is henna eyebrow tinting. This allows users to temporarily tint your brows to give them a much more defined appearance. The process is relatively simple and can quickly be done at home. Beginners can look for the assistance online, on websites like https://supercilium.com/ or even through YouTube tutorials, to know more about the product and its application before tinting their eyebrows.

Since the results of this procedure last for about three to four weeks, it lets you ditch the eyebrow filling routine of makeup through pencils, powders, and gels, every morning.

Why use henna brow tinting?

henna brow

So far, henna tinting is the only wholly natural dying treatment available in the market. Its pigment stains the skin underneath while coloring the brow hair. It does not use any chemicals such as peroxide, which is contained in regular dyes and can act as an irritant to the skin. The colorant used in a henna treatment is obtained from plants. This makes it safe to use on all skin types.
Most people are reluctant to use something permanent on their face, in fear that it might not look good. Henna tinting, therefore, offers a good trial run. It is available in a range of colors, and provides a zero-fuss option, for naturally developed eyebrows.

The process of henna tinting

A qualified beautician or brow artist can perform a henna eyebrow treatment, but most people also opt to do it at home, themselves. To prepare the product for the application, about a teaspoon of the henna powder is mixed with rosewater fixing fluid. The amount of pigment used can be varied depending on the depth of color required. Before application, it should be made sure that the eyebrows are molded to the users’ desired shape by either waxing or threading. The eyebrow area should be cleaned with a tea tree skin cleanser beforehand for the best results.

Once the skin is prepared, the henna mixture should be carefully applied to the eyebrows using an eyebrow brush to give hair-like strokes. Any excess product should be cleaned off the sides using a cleansing lotion. This should be left on for about 15 minutes, after which the product should be wiped off with a paper towel from the start of the brow to give a natural shaded look. The rest of the product should remain intact for another 10 minutes, after which the entire eyebrow is wiped clean to remove the henna.

This makes dying more productive and gives users their desired look, which is fuller looking but also natural at the same time. Due to its convenience and zero side effects, henna eyebrow tattooing is gaining popularity and is used commonly by many people.