What Shoes Do Professional Runners Wear?


Athletes who are experts wear quality shoes. They invest in good shoes to ensure comfort. Most of them prefer the light ones for easy running. The light ones allow for a lot of stability. That means that they are able to control speed and not fall down. The shoes ought to have a good grip. This will make them tight enough not to come off. Different shoes are worn by different genders. Men and women professional runners have their own to wear. Since people have various tastes and preferences, there is a selection to choose from. You can find them at any sneaker store in Paterson NJ. Here are some shoes that are worn by top athletes.

  1. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

It is feather light with the best speed. It makes athletes feel lighter when running. The shoe is durable that is why it is loved by top athletes. It has a great grip that allows runners to go at ease. They can use the shoes for training and also main events. They come at good prices and offer quality services. The long-lasting nature attracts many runners.

  1. Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint

This is won by the best marathoners in the world. It is able to endure the long race and make the runner have enough comfort. It is fast and also efficient. The shoes are also amazing because, in history, they haven’t torn apart. They also haven’t come off during races. The shoe was worn by Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya who won the London and Berlin marathons.

  1. Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 3

It is durable and reliable for running. The shoes were worn by Edna Kiplagat, Flomena Daniel, and Shure Demise. All the women athletes won in their races. It allows for speed and fast transition. The shoes are lightweight and push the runner forward. It is specially designed for supersonic running.

  1. Asics Gel Hyper Speed

This one is best for marathons and half marathons. It was won by Kentaro Nakamoto during his race. They fit well and are light to the feet. It has great cushioning to allow for long-distance running. It is actually efficient for running due to its durability. With the right weight, runners find it easy moving from one kilometer to another.

  1. New Balance 1500v2

It was won by Rachel Hannah from Canada who won the Houston Marathon in 2016. It is a fast shoe suitable for running long races. The shoes are also stable when it comes to landing on the ground. They are well protected with enough cushions. They are super light which propels more speed. It has a comfortable fit that keeps the runner going.

  1. Saucony Type A

It is great for long races and won by Jared ward who won Rio De Janeiro Marathon in 2016. The shoe is light for the best speed. It also has a cushion to feel comfortable. They are durable shoes that will help the runner complete the race well. The runner doesn’t have to think about running barefoot.



All these shoes worn by professional runners can be found in the Sneaker Store in Paterson NJ. With the best prices, they offer a long lasting solution to buying shoes. They come in different colors of your choice.