How to Capture Your Instagram Followers

Gaining followers on Instagram should never be a hard task. If you need to gain followers, ensure you incorporate the below tips to ensure Instagram followers boost.

Everyone wants more followers on Instagram regardless of whether you are there for business or for pleasure. Instagram is a favorite social media platform among many current and has more than 200 million active followers as at 2018. It is a great platform for sharing content and networking. If you are stuck at a few followers and want to gain more, have no worries. Here are a few ways that can help you gain more followers.

Create an attractive profile You can’t expect to have more followers when you have a dull profile picture and a description. It is usually appropriate to place a profile picture of yourself if you are in there for business purposes. People are likely to follow you if you have a professional photo as your profile picture. Also, the accompanying bio should be a brief description of yourself and the services you offer if you are a business person. If you are in there for entertainment purposes, you don’t have to include a professional photo, instead, use a captivating and interesting photo. Also, the accompanying bio should be interesting and funny. Don’t be afraid to include a few emoji in your bio. It is how you identify with your followers and they may find a reason to follow you.

Have a good number of images Before reaching out for followers you to at least have a considerable number of images. 15 images would be good for a start. Nobody would want to follow a dormant page. Also, ensure that you update your profile at least daily. These images should be captivating and for a nice grid. Creating a nice grid on your Instagram page really matters. It helps you drive engagement from your initial followers since they are able to view your posts on a daily basis. You need to look out on the overall grid. It is one of the most essential components that help you get more Instagram followers. It shows the users that you produce relevant content consistently and thus will have a reason to stick to your Instagram page.

Start following people One sure way to get followers is by following others on Instagram. Instagram has an important notification that allows followers you follower to follow back. On most occasions, these followers will follow back once they see that you follow them. No one wants to follow a page they don’t follow back. Therefore, to avoid being unfollowed, ensure that you follow people.

Identify your niche If you are into business, ensure you specify exactly what your business is bout and post relevant photos about the business. Some people have a fun page.

Ensure it goes in line with what most identify with. Currently, most followers follow memes page so if you are looking to create an Instagram fun page, ensure you include interesting memes daily.

Include tags in your images Like Twitter, Instagram includes the use of hashtags. Therefore to gain more followers, ensure you include relevant hashtags, preferably those that trend in Instagram daily. It’s a good way to gain followers if you are using a fun page.