How to Get More Subscribers on Twitch

Twitch is the largest platform that focuses exclusively on streaming. Like other social media, it is constantly evolving; therefore, there is no method of guaranteed success for it. Having said that, accumulating a stable fanbase and attracting a decent amount of twitch followers will keep your channel afloat.

The first thing that comes to mind is promotion. To gain more followers, you need to make more people aware of your account.

Stream Upgrade

It is a website that promotes you on Twitch and other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. It recognizes which users are likely to engage with you and directs them to your channel.

Your Social Media

Uploading highlights of your live streams on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube can help you reach more potential fans. Promoting your Twitch channel on these platforms makes people who are not on Twitch aware of your account. If you pique their curiosity, they might decide to join one of your live streams.


Being friendly with people who have similar content will make you a part of a particular community. You can have to join live streams or recommend each other’s channels on your live streams. This one of the most natural methods to reach people that fit your niche.

Apart from promotion, you can take some basic steps to ensure your channel is engaging enough for new viewers.


Equipment is a good investment as the overall quality of the stream you’re sharing on Twitch plays a massive role in its popularity. Besides the live streaming software, you will require a webcam that has a high-quality resolution & a microphone that filters background noise (which would otherwise disrupt the stream). A good webcam lets viewers see you clearly, helping you create a strong bond with them, while a good microphone will ensure that your quips or commentary on the gameplay are heard clearly. If your resolution is low or your voice is muffled, audiences will quickly leave the live stream.


Be talkative. Answer chat messages during streams. Show your audience you are interested in their discussions and opinions. If you are a beginner, you should be attentive to the conversation in the chat room because viewers want to know your personality. Use these occasions to establish new friendships as people will tune in if they enjoy talking to you.

Don’t stay quiet for long periods in broadcasts since conversation makes the audience interested and attentive. If the conversation dies out, talk about what you’re currently doing in the live stream and explain why. Use the chat room to gauge which topics your audience will be intrigued by and talk about them. Take time to respond to their thoughts on topics. In time, holding a conversation while streaming will be like second nature to you.

It will take time for your channel to start growing, but it will be worth it. Try to be interactive and keep doing new things. There’s a lot of enjoyable content you can make to keep your subscribers interested and your channel relevant.